Adult Dance


Adult Ballet    

Classical ballet technique accompanied by an array of musical genres and fun props! Class begins with a full body warm-up leading into barre exercises, center combinations, across the floor progressions and modified choreography to some of the most famous ballets. The class structure can be easily modified to suit any level while still emphasizing basic technique and strengthening. No prior dance experience needed.

Back In-Shape 

Back In-Shape is not just dance, it’s a small performance. It’s the art of presenting yourself. This program presupposes to develop the body’s plasticity, flexibility and coordination. Your muscles will tone up and form a new silhouette. The program also includes elements of jazz, modern, up-to-date choreography, stretching for body plasticity. No prior dance experience need.

Cardio Hip Hop 

Cardio Hip-Hop is a cardio class that keeps you moving and sweating without it even feeling like your working out! Cardio Hip-Hop consists of progressively learning a hip-hop combination/routine through fast and slow intervals that accommodates to every participant. This class is designed for everyone, not just those with prior dance experience! Cardio Hip-Hop teaches the same routine 2 weeks in a row before moving on to a different routine. Come for a fun dance workout while jamming to your favorite hip-hop tunes! No prior dance experience needed.

Dancing With Stars

Learn to dance like the stars! This class series is an introduction to a variety of social dance styles, suitable for those with little or no experience with social dancing. We’ll cover the basics of American-style Foxtrot, Cha-Cha, Tango, Triple Swing, Waltz, and Rumba, with a focus on leading and following in social situations. Classes will cover moves in all six dances, techniques for better leading and following, and free social dancing time. No prior dance experience needed.


Private Lessons:

Private lessons allow for one-on-one attention from one of our professional instructors. Whether preparing for an  audition, performance, or competition, we have a range of private lesson packages to suit your needs. Privates are available in any of the styles we teach at R& B, including all ballroom and latin styles, ballet, pointe, jazz, hip-hop, or musical theater. Call us to schedule you private lessons.

One 30 minutes technique/choreography Private $35

One 45 minutes  technique/choreography Private $45

One 60 minutes technique/choreography Private $50


Wedding Dance

We offer dance coaching in preparation for special events such as weddings and anniversaries. We want you to feel confident and comfortable on the dance floor  You can learn a few moves that dazzle your friends and family or intricate choreography, the choice is yours! Coaching sessions are flexible and can be scheduled as a series or one-time only session.  No prior dance experience required. Call us to schedule your classes

One 60 minutes  Private lesson only $65!

Five 60 minutes  Private lessons only $300!

Eight 60 minutes  Private lessons only $456!



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