Our experience at Rhythm & Beyond School of Dance and Music has been wonderful. Our daughter has participated in both dance and music programs (Kids keyboard and Pre-ballet) since October 2011. She likes the school and the instructors who have been all nurturing and wonderful. She has always looked forward to her classes. As parents, we feel good knowing that when we drop her off at Rhythm & Beyond School of Dance and Music, she will be safe and cared for. We feel the staff is an extension of our family. Thank you, Rhythm School of Dance and Music for a truly positive experience.

Lena and Igor Kholodenko


My life has always been too busy to dedicate to dance. I have taken some lessons here and there until the Rhythm school of dance and music opened half a block from my house.  I have been through many ballroom dance schools and did not expect much.  I was pleasantly surprised with the level of professionalism and organization of the school. The teachers are all professional dancers with impressive careers who excel at teaching, not just dancing. They will absolutely turn you into the best dancer you can be. Adult ballet classes do not exist, except for a few studios in the city.  This school offers a rare chance for adults to begin not only ballet, but belly dance, ballroom and several other styles. I signed for adult ballet which is laughable at my age. I am challenged every lesson and keep improving with every lesson. The lessons cover everything from professional basic technique to artistic development of more trained dancers.  Another benefit is fantastic “dancer” posture and losing a ton of weight. Join a class, as a dancer, as an athlete or just a dance enthusiast. So, you think you can dance? Here is your chance to show off your moves.

Jane Vaitatis


My daughter has been attending Rhythm & Beyond School of Dance,  Music, and Art for 2 years now. She gets so much joy out of being a part of the dance “family”. She loves her Hip Hop class. It is more than a place for your child to learn dance. R&B allows children and adults to grow and learn without pressure.

Jenifer Ravitsky



R&B is great place for children and adults to learn to dance. The teachers are fun and caring. My daughter started dancing at Rhythm & Beyond studio when they first opened their doors in September 2011,  and she is very happy to be dancing at R&B.

Marla Pacula



My daughter  loves Rhythm & Beyond School of dance and Music!  She has not only learned ballet and piano, but she has also learned to feel comfortable on stage and display self-confidence that carries over into every aspect of her life.  I truly appreciate the R&B positive atmosphere and fun spirit toward dance and music.  I am confident that R&B is providing my daughter with a strong foundation for future dance opportunities and a lifetime of self-esteem, which every young girl needs.

Linda Green



When Becky started taking piano lessons last summer, we weren’t certain she could master reading music and playing the piano.  Becky is Down Syndrome.   We were so lucky to research several piano programs and find Rhythm & Beyond.  Ms. Larisa was the perfect teacher for Becky.  She understood Becky’s challenges and was quite successful at finding just the right method to help Becky learn.  Patience, encouragement, repetition, a fun repertoire for Becky’s level — and voila!   One year later, Becky was reading the notes — not by colors or numbers, but the notes!  She played in this summer’s recital and couldn’t have been more proud of her accomplishment.   We highly recommend the teachers and programs offered by Rhythm & Beyond.  Becky’s pride and confidence in her piano playing ability shine at the piano keys with her teacher at her side.  Many thanks to R&B!

Rudy Kubica

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