Art Classes Description and Fee


Unleash Your Child’s Creativity

Our after-school classes focus on creative idea development. We concentrate on study of shape, color, composition and developing freedom of thinking and understanding the world that surrounds us through the art.

Art Preschool

Classes are offered for kids ages 4-5 in the time duration of 45 minutes.

In this class students will discover ways to create art using pencils, Crayola, paint, and more! While enjoying art classes with creative ideas kids will be introduced the shapes, colors and objects. Classes start by introducing simple drawings of objects with pencil and colored pencil.

Art I

For age 6-8 classes we offer 60 minutes class.

The class is designed to introduce the kids a new world of shapes, colors and objects we use every day. During these class they’ll start to build a vocabulary, work on listening skills, and develop a sense of reflection on the world around them. They will continue to participate in painting and drawing techniques, learn variety shading techniques, and introduce to the Color Wheel. Kids will receive first knowledge of understanding perspective and composition.

Art II

For children ages 8 -12 we offer 2 hours (120 minutes) class.

I this advanced class students will be introduced the objects and shapes in more details, using theory of light and shadow. Students will use a sketchbook throughout the workshop as they begin to learn how and why sketchbooks are used.
Students will be introduced the advanced usage of colors and will be taught various shading techniques. Students will work on the compositions where they will learn about perspective using their knowledge of color, line and form structuring their own ideas to create an expression of their every day life.

Paint With Us!

Every child loves to draw and paint and our new Paint With Us classes are designed to teach them how to do just that! There is no need for prior art experience. Our talented art instructors will take the kids step-by-step through every stroke and they will LOVE the painting they take home! It’s great for Family Fun, Kids Birthdays and Mommy & Me time.

Classes are available during school breaks and customized schedule during the year. Workshops are 2 hours long.

Please call 815-572-1833 to reserve your space in advance.

Adult Classes

1 month (4 lessons) – $120.00 (2 hours per class)

Drawing sessions 4 weeks (8 lessons) – $240.00 (2 hours per class)

Additional fee for the supply will be added at the time of registration.

Senior Citizen Classes

1 month (4 lessons)   – $85.00 (2 hours)

Additional fee for the supply will be added at the time of registration based on the medium.

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